How to Make Plarn

I’ve written a post about what plarn is and how it affects our everyday lives. Did you know that one plastic bag is approximately 9 yards of plarn? This post here will teach you how to make it. It’s surprisingly easy! I’ll take you step by step through the process.

This video is actually how I learned to make it. It’s very helpful if the photo process isn’t enough for you.

Step 1

Start by folding a plastic bag in thirds. To do this, tuck the edges in and crease them.

Step 2

Cut the handles and the bottom off.

Step 3

Cut the bag in to 1 inch strips.

Step 4

GENTLY unfold your strips. They can be very fragile, so don’t yank on it.

Step 5

Take two strips and thread one through the one (picture one). Then, fold the edge of one strip through the edge of the same strip and make a slipknot (pictures two and three).

Step 6

Continue to knot them all together. If your strip breaks, just cut it free and start with a new one.

And that’s all there is to it! Remember to take your bottoms and handles and put them into a separate bag for recycling.

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