7 Essential Crochet Supplies That Aren’t Crochet Hooks

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If you’re just starting out in the wonderful world of crocheting, trying to figure out what crochet supplies you need can be really hard. Craft stores can be incredibly overwhelming, especially when you’re a beginner. You’re wandering around in the crochet supplies section trying to figure out what yarn goes with what hook, sometimes you forget to buy some of the other essentials you need for your beloved yarn craft.

Although the supplies I have are limited, I’m learning as I go along that some things are more essential than others! When you first start crocheting, you pretty much only need some yarn (any will do) and a hook (it’s best to start around size 4 to 6mm). Those two things will keep you out of trouble for a while but if crocheting is starting to become a bigger part of your life, you might want to think about investing in a few of these essential crochet supplies…

  1. Hook Kit

Okay, so I know I said the things in this list aren’t hooks, but this is a hook kit so it doesn’t really count! 😉 Some crocheters like to build their collection slowly over time and others like to take the plunge and buy a set early on. For the first few weeks of my crocheting journey, I took a few of my Mother’s hooks – a 5.0mm and 6.5mm – which were nice to practice with, but I quickly learned that if I was going to continue this art, I need to purchase some of my own. And I’m so darn glad I did! Not only are hook kits cheaper than buying your hooks individually, but you’ll almost always have the exact hook you need for any project. I have a set of Athena’s Elements Crochet Hooks, and I absolutely adore them! I talk about them more in a previous post that I will link here. Not only does this kit include 12 crochet hooks, but it also comes with three different sized darning needles. As I stated in a previous post, I found mine on Amazon.

2. Blocking Mat

Again, although this isn’t something I currently have experience with, I’m hoping to understand more about it and grow into it as my crocheting journey progresses. Like I stated above with the crochet hooks, I have explained blocking before and I will include a link for it. Some people say that some things don’t need blocking, which is totally true but for some pieces it’s just absolutely necessary. From reading reviews on blocking mats, these are some of the best! The best bit about this style of blocking mat is that you can use lots of them clicked together like puzzle pieces or you can just use one if you’re blocking a smaller project. This is definitely a wonderful piece to have if you plan on pursuing crochet.

3. Yarn Cutter

I’ve always used plain, regular scissors when cutting off a completed project, but this yarn cutter is wonderful if you travel with your crochet! Plus, this yarn cutter will make it so much simpler to get a cleaner cut, particularly with finer work.

4. Yarn Organizer

This gadget is wonderful! Especially if you like to crochet while on the road or are a little bit of an OCD freak, like me. It is the worst when I glance at my coffee table in the living room and see it just completely piled up with yarn, scissors, hooks, and the like. This will keep things so much more organized for you! Yarn organizers are very useful if you’re doing color work or need to carry around several skeins with you at once. This one here is a great one because of the working thread hole for each skein, if you happen to be working on a project that has multiple colors. This is also great because it will prevent your skeins from rolling around together and getting all tangled up… And then you have to spend hours trying to find the beginning of the yarn only to end up cutting a new starting point. True story… One that has happened on more than one occasion, sadly.

5. Plane Friendly Yarn Cutter

Sounds silly, but I saw this on another crochet blog that I follow and I love it. You know how TSA ends up confiscating things they say are approved no matter what you do? Well, worry no more! This is the best thing for people who spend lots of time on planes; I am not one of those people, but still awesome! The best thing to do with this is keep it on a set of keys that way it’s always with you. It’s not amazing for trimming final ends but it does the job of cutting off your yarn so you can start a new color.

6. Stitch Markers

When you start really advancing your crochet skills, stitch markers become very necessary. Just remember, stitch markers are like bobby pins. A pack of 100 can disappear before you know it, so make sure you always have enough on hand. I purchased this set of 104 stitch markers! I love it. It comes in a circle carrying case with storage box in eight different colors. The bright colors and quality are amazing! When searching for stitch markers, try to get some that are very smooth without any plastic tags on them. It’s worth it to spend a bit more money on well-made ones, because the cheaper ones tend to get caught on yarn; which will ultimately just slow you down.

7. Yarn Bowl

This is a ‘nice to have’ but not a total must, as any kind of bowl will suffice. I do not have a yarn bowl, but I’ve looked into them and maybe one day I will purchase one! Yarn bowls do make it easy for your yarn to ‘feed’ off the ball. I’ve always crocheted with my yarn ball sitting next to me on the couch and while it works, there are times where the ball will roll off the couch and continue across the floor. It makes it harder for the yarn to free itself from the ball and also makes the ball collect whatever fluff and dust is on the floor. Maybe now would be a good time for me to invest in one for myself!

Most of the time if you are going to do a craft project, spending the money to get properly set up is well worth the cost. I would also recommend keeping a few things in your kit like chapstick, hand cream, and a nail file so you don’t have to stop crocheting to rummage around for things.

What stuff do you keep in your crochet kit? Did I miss anything that should be added to the list?

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